Cycle, Course

Definition & Concepts
A cycle is a relevant combination of events, showing an evolution, and changes in the state of an object. May take the form of a random "pathways", symbolizing a sequence of events.

Laws governing cycles are fundamental, unchanging bases. Some are perfectly deterministic, in obedience to such an eternal timeline , like a life cycle. Others are stochastic processes, as may appear "shopping".

Cycles, determining and external conditions, initialize, rhythm, orchestrate the changes, and are fundamental to the ecosystem. By their stability, they are immutable benchmarks.
Graphic representation

The horizontal disposal and the ranking from left to right, represents the logic of succession from the beginning of the cycle to its end.
Rules of naming
Cf. Rules of naming "Event"
Elements of syntax
  • A reasoning in the limits is to be made as for the extent of the boundary: which are the events
    of the beginning and of the end which determines these extremities, from the point of view
    of the stakeholders.
  • We shall try to take place from the objective point of view of the person or the object
    which realizes the pathway, and not that of the company or the ecosystem.
    (Ex: a sale pathway is in fact part of a purchase pathway)
  • There is no limit as for the number of events in a cycle.
Check List
  • A cycle contains at least two events.
  • A cycle can be allocated only to a single universe within the ecosystem.

Key questions to identify the invariants
  • Does the offer covers all the cycle? Upstream (for example, help to prepare the products in-store)? Downstream (after sales)?
  • Cycle, if materialized (physical movement, vision of the product in store, transport of materials, ...), does it have any history or intangible aftereffects (prepare courses, exchange of photos after a stay ...)?
  • Are there, depending on the product or service, several different cycles?

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