Definition & Concepts
Economic, real or fictitious, internal or external agent in the studied entity, who is dedicated to a well characterized part of the value chain within the ecosystem. Operatoprs are, either specialized with regard to an event, one moment of a cycle, or specialized by resource or service provided to the ecosystem.
In a universe, there is always one or more operators who insure the role of integrator, with regard to the cycles and to the various resources.
In the "systemic" analysis of the components of the ecosystem, the operator must be seen as a "black box". It deploys its own process, and relies on its own information systems. However, it can use external benchmarks, and some operators may even manage these benchmarks. An operator has a role to play, and this role can be played by different actors.
The separation in autonomous operators, even if it remains theoretical, facilitates the understanding of the engineering of the value contributions: every constituent of the value is more tangible, because it can be allocated to a specialized operator.
The classification, and the organization of the value contributions in Layers, is translated by a distribution of the operators in levels, according to the logic of this fragmentation of the Value Chain.
  • Proximity operator
  • Operator of integration (Integrator)
  • Resources provider
Operators share "benchmarks", ie operating systems managing common data and serving as reference: catalog of products, reference customers …
The operators have relations more or less defined by contracts giving place to "protocols".

Graphic representation

Elements of syntax
  • We shall position, if it makes sense, the operators in front of the events which concern them.
  • The operators of integration will be situated in middle-floor, and those who are specialized on a type of resource are positioned more low in the value chain.
  • The relations between operators of same "Stratum" are not to be privileged: the operators of integration have exactly for role to put in coherence and in synergy the operators of the other layer.
  • There is no limit as for the number of operators in a stratum.
Check List
  • An proximity operator exists only if he is bound to an event.
  • An operator can treat one or several events.
  • The same operator can be common to several universes.
Rules of naming
  • Use suggestive names having a meaning for the whole company.
  • Do not use abbreviated word.


  • Business integrator
  • Deliverer
  • Hot Line
  • After-sale-service
  • Transportor
  • Teacher
  • Selector
  • Receptionist
  • Analyst
  • Supplier of data
  • Buyer
  • Referencing Operator

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